Airlock Screener Improves Powder Containment

Post date: Oct 22, 2012 4:48:53 PM

October 16, 2012 - Intended for pharmaceutical industry, Compact Airlock Sieve™ employs validatable pneumatic clamping system that promotes powder containment, product quality, as well as operator health and safety. Oversize contamination is accurately removed by mesh screen fitted to unit, while good product passes through mesh screen and towards next stage of production. Featuring crevice-free, smooth services, screener is fully washable and can be disassembled in seconds without tools.

Russell Finex

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New Russell Airlock Screener Improves Powder Containment

Fine mesh separation and filtration specialists Russell Finex have introduced the new Compact Airlock Sieve(TM) adding a new dimension to screening technology for the Pharmaceutical Industry. The unique design has evolved as a result of close consultation with many of the top pharmaceutical companies around the world.

This new Compact Airlock Sieve is the first real advance in pharmaceutical sieving technology for ten years. The screener features a validatable pneumatic clamping system giving large improvements in powder containment and operator health and safety. With powders safely contained, the vibratory screener accurately removes any contamination and therefore improves product quality. Oversize contamination is accurately removed by the mesh screen fitted to the unit, while the good product passes through the mesh screen and on to the next stage of production.

The unit is clamped together with the revolutionary airlock system. This pneumatic lock gives an even and high clamping force across all sealing faces and therefore guards against powder leakage more effectively than traditional band clamps or over-center toggle clamps. The cGMP design of the Airlock screener is based on clean lines making sanitation easier and performance greater. Crevice-free, smooth services make the product contact parts very easy to clean and they are fully washable. Clean down times are reduced, as the screener is quick to disassemble in seconds without the need for tools.

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Airlock Screener improves powder containment.

Airlock Screener improves powder containment.